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AZ Build Right, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation that was created to specifically to engage in real estate construction projects in the United States. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and have completed all the requirements to be a federal government contractor (SAM, DUNS, Cage Code, Unique Entity ID, etc.).



Rodman D. Grimm is the Managing Member. He is a Service-Disabled Vietnam Veteran and owns the majority interest in the LLC. Rod directs the operations of the firm and its staff.  Rod’s background includes providing consulting services to private sector corporations, not for profit corporations, national associations, educational institutions, and federal, state, and local governments. He has over thirty years' experience in organizing, managing, and financing large projects. Rod has represented and obtained funding for major projects for California State University, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of California, Blue Mountain Community College, the State of Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction, and numerous private sector entities. Rod has served the nation in important policy positions. He was appointed by the President to serve on the congressionally mandated Advisory Panel on Alternative Means of Financing and Managing Radioactive Waste Facilities. He was recommended by the Congress and appointed by the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to serve on the Congressionally Mandated Panel that guided the preparation of the formal needs-based analysis and cost/benefit study of natural disaster management and mitigation alternatives. As an Officer in the United States Army Special Forces, Rod served in Viet Nam and other Southeast Asian nations. His responsibilities required extensive travel throughout the region and liaison/negotiations with foreign nationals. He was awarded the United States Army Commendation Medal. Rod has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and a BA in Economics from Washington State University. He graduated cum laude from both Universities.


Marc Sterling is responsible for the real estate acquisitions, development, and management, along with handling all the accounting and financial matters of the business. Duties include buying land, designing, and building commercial and residential buildings from the ground up, including all the entitlements and infrastructure, from start to finish, meeting with City government for approvals and permits, negotiating with various parties pertaining to the construction of the structures. Management of all projects, from the accounting and financing to the operational side of things. Marc also has a background serving clients as a Tax Preparer where he prepared individual, corporate, partnership, trust, estate, and profit-sharing returns; state and federal payroll tax returns; sales and franchise tax returns. Marc was chosen by IRS to speak at their National Convention on the topic of electronic filing and various tax issues. He was voted Best of the Best Accountant in The Verde Valley for the past 16 years. Marc has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin Texas.


Tommy Stovall, a member of AZ Build Right, has produced many film projects, including five feature-length narrative films which were released commercially worldwide. His experience includes producing, directing, writing, project development, hiring and managing cast and crew, of numerous film production tasks including editing, visual effects and sound design, theatrical and ancillary distribution, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Tommy’s responsibilities at AZ Build Right include administrative duties, websites, and video production.  Tommy is the Winner of ten Best Feature film festival awards, three Best Director film festival awards, and two Best Screenplay film festival awards. Tommy has a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film with High Honors, from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas.



(202) 441-2594

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